Brilliant Public School inaugurated its well-organized mathematics lab on 15th August 2018 which provides students and teachers access to interactive study aids and widens the experiential base. Its rich resource corner encourages students to become independent learners by providing the opportunity to discover through doing.

Every aspect of the room, the Mathematics wall, the Rubik’s cube, the Value tree, the Sudoku etc. builds up inherent interest and confidence in the students and explains them the real-life connect and multi-disciplinary dimensions of mathematics. We believe a Math- Lab is necessary to develop meta-cognitive abilities and add variety to school mathematics learning.


Key Features of Education

  • Holistic Education
  • Teacher as a Facilitator
  • Project Based Learning
  • Compulsory Health Workshops
  • Age Specific Newspapers
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Quality Circle Time
  • Community Visits
  • Digital and Multimedia classrooms
  • Passionate teachers for teaching with commitment and patience

“Teaching not only for School, but for Life, is what Brilliant Public School follows and believes to focus in. We aim to provide students the important stepping stone to lead to success and a world of competitive choice.”


Laboratories variants

  • Newton’s Physics
  • Dalton’s Chemistry
  • Pasteur’s Biology
  • Robotics Lab
  • Thots Lab
  • Math Lab

Brilliant Public School students have access to state of the art laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, and Mathematics.

The Infrastructure

Salient Features

  • Bright and airy classrooms
  • Science Park, Computer lab, Rich Library
  • Pre-primary play area with sand pit
  • Full Technology enabled classrooms using the digital-class program
  • Separate kids block
  • Huge Playground

Quality in a school determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates into a range of personal, social and developmental benefits. It’s non-negotiable and cannot be compromised.
At Brilliant, we believe in inculcating aspects of cognitive, emotional, and skillful learning.

Hence, here our students learn and practice lessons in all the main subjects based on a structure that emphasises on the development of THOTS. This method helps our young learners to think through experimental concepts, physical thinking tools, and mind games.

We make our classes more learner Centric and induced to our environment, thereby focusing on the optimal functioning of a learner’s mind through the activities performed in our THOTS Lab.