BPS Curriculum For All Round Development

Brilliant Public School firmly believes that every child is entitled to childhood. While education is the primary function of a school, education at Brilliant Public School goes into personality building. We believe in the dictum of “Every Child a Personality” and to realize it, we believe in providing opportunities for an outbound talent and creativity show.

For giving impetus to these efforts the school is divided into four houses: i.e. Ananth, Aaditya, Abhaya and Ajeya that build in its students the spirit of teamwork, mutual understanding, tolerance, cooperation and camaraderie. The house system gives a perfect platform for students to wind their talents in a unfettered manner, to their optimal degree of performance. Leadership training permeates through the offices of Secretary/Captain/Prefect of these houses.

The Houses have been carefully named and each represents a philosophy which strengthens the attitude of the students and provides a platform for their inner talents to be fully explored. The houses and what each symbolizes and stands for is:


The Blue is indefinite space lodging-countless planets & stars, defining its endless vastness matchless nature and unparalled discipline. It is idealist for students harbouring within the heart of hearts endless (Anant) ambitious plans and strives limitlessly to accomplish them to quench and desire gracefully, distinctly for everlasting universal recognition. The symbol of the house is Eagle. The King of the birds which represents powerful sharp vision on the target and dynamic flying movements with the courage to measure the whole sky in one flight. The colour of the house is blue which gives the feeling of vastness and endlessness of the sky as the courage, capacity and zeal of the students of the house.


Lord has bestowed human beings with different feelings and fearlessness (Abhay) is the zest of “Veer Rasa” is one of which characterized by powerful, brave, swift, fearless strong and royal kingly personality similar to the characteristics of the “Lion” Lion is the symbol of the house, which denotes Bravery, Keenness & matchless majestic approach to grab the target with absolute concentration and confidence.


Aaditya is known as the sun which is the essence of the life which energizes and fosters the whole world with its glittering and powerful life giving warmth and rays. Persons having cluster of characteristics as powerful inner soul, great warmth of truth and love, energetic currents of heart felt feelings for universal well being ,strive hard for beneficial achievement for noble cause and interests and radiate from their within rays of wisdom and vision to enlighten the world. Symbol of the house I the elephant synonymous to strength, intelligence, strong memory power, hard work, confidence and devotion, trustworthiness, jollies and great friendly attitudes. The colour of this house is red symbolizing vigour, cautiousness and revolution.


Ajeya is the one who can not be conquered. Only those persons whose inner soul as piously,perfectly,powerfully.religiously and selflessly devoted to well being of public at large are blessed by the almighty who ignites within them the inner power to win this world with knowledge,courage,planned and strategic approach and vision. Pupils of this house always prove themselves. Ajeya magnanimously and meticulously is second to none in their field. The symbol of this house is “Ashwa” the horse. The power and strength reminds of “Ashwamedh Yagya” accomplished by one who is Ajeya. The colour of the house is green representing the “Dhanak”-The winning sense of productivity, patience, firmness, sacrifice, regularity and the rare combination of arrogance and pleasantness of nature’s greenery.



Captian Name Class
Campus Captain Navika Agrawal XII Commerce - α
Head Boy Aishwarya Modi XII Commerce - α
Head Girl Shubhashree Digrasker XII Commerce - α
Cultural captain Abhishek Sarkar X - β
Assembly captain (Senior) Himanshi Goyal IX - ε
Assembly captain (Middle) Harshit Motwani VI - ε
Assembly captain (Junior) Samip Dhupar V - γ
Sports Captain Sujoy Bhattacharya XI - Science α
Junior Sports Captain Hitanshi Gurnani V- δ
Position Name Class
Captain Shriyansh Singh XII Commerce - β
Vice Captain Harsheen Kaur Tuteja VIII - α
Junior Captain Toshita V - Ω
Position Name Class
Captain Yashvardhan Agrawal X - α
Vice Captain Jiya Sabwani IX - β
Junior Captain Sarthak Janbandha V - γ
Position Name Class
Captain Akhil Motwani XI Commerce- β
Vice Captain Anishka Juneja VII - δ
Junior Captain Zoya Khan V - α
Position Name Class
Captain Anukarsh Sahu X - Ω
Vice Captain Japnoor Kaur Gandhi VII - δ
Junior Captain Ankit Deb V - ε