Mission Statement

“Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”
With Education, we attain Salvation

“In the next three years, the school will enable the students to imbibe and embalm Leadership, Life skills and Self Reliance through Indian Value based activities, MUN sessions, Environment Initiatives, Peer education Program , Yoga etc., and by 2028, developing a sharing, caring and sensitized community.”

The school emblem is a vivid reflection of the spirit that goes into the making an organization. The epitome of “Karmayoga”...Lord Krishna blew his conch “Panchajanya “and a new era began... of “Karma” and “Yoga”.

Glorious Dawn has performed “Tilaka” on the forehead of the sky with Dazzling Red “Vijaya Kumkum” which brought along hopes & expectations to explore a new horizon.

The Brilliant “Dinkara” the sun ... Rose to enlighten the universe. The radiant & sparkling rays of knowledge, wisdom & cultural upliftment spread all over the world. The young world glitters with its endless spark & finds the path of achievement and success in every sphere of life with hard work…The Karma and dedication. “The Yoga” ... In the guiding light of “Vidhtaaditya”...The sun of wisdom has rose in the form of our prestigious – “Brilliant Public School” which harbours all these characteristics and induces and inculcates the courage, commitment and confidence to live a life where dreams become a reality.