Our Directors

A leading Chartered Accountant and an eminent educationist who believes that knowledge without purpose and education without aim are useless. He advocates an all round awakening on issues that threaten the world and stresses on the need for meaningful education. His patronage, guidance and innovative drive is palpable in every facet of the school. For him education is developing a multifaceted personality coupled with complete character building.

Mr. Surendra Agrawal

A leading Chartered Accountant and the Ex-President of CA Association, has a progressive egalitarian viewpoint and clear outlook as a founder member of the school; he gave an expression to the school’s ethics and philosophy emphasizing an amalgamation of east and the west. He supports every event and every step taken to reach the Zenith. He has always believed in working and working as to really mean the word “Brilliance”.

Mr. Sushil Agrawal

The lady whose creativity and enthusiasm enthrals one and all. She is associated with a number of social and welfare activities and is of the mindset of giving full freedom to the wings of fancy and creativity. She has made unforgettable contribution to restore the richness of educational culture and made it more vibrant than before. Her firmness towards perfection has elevated Brilliant Public School to a temple of learning where education is a commitment.

Mrs. Sunita Agrawal

Shri S.S.D.Badgaiyan (IFS), Govt. Advisor BPS Society. In his professional voyage, he has rendered an impactful contribution towards environment and conservation of forests. Even the school has walked through his cognitive inputs, opening the doorways of learning to the sense of limitlessness. He has a vision and conviction that we shall as a school, carve a niche’ in NEP 2020 aligned education. The school values his patronage.

Mr. S.S.D.Badgaiyan